Video Selections: 5/14

Post-PearlWill Farrell offers up another Funny or Die short (via Michael Newman). I’m going with Adam McKay’s lost 2001 short, featuring Will and Michael Imperioli of The Sopranos in the ever-so-timely Three Bonehead Frat Boys Confront the Crushing Inevitability and Overwhelming Mystery of Death. “That wasn’t porn. That was knowledge!”

owen.jpg— Unencumbered by aesthetic obsessions, Bottle Rocket is arguably Wes Anderson’s best film. Nerve presents the original 13-minute version of the epic-length script written by Wes and Owen Wilson that eventually fell into the hands of executive producer James L. Brooks, who brought the film to Columbia Pictures for a proper re-shoot.

— Daily Film Dose’s compilation of famous long-takes that was making the rounds last week is ever-expanding with reader suggested films, boasting the likes of P.T. Anderson, Robert Altman, John Woo, Scorsese, Chan Wook Park’s Oldboy, and Antonioni’s The Passenger. (via Anne Thompson)

Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni, and Luke Wilson in You Kill Me, what is at least the fourth “reluctant hitman” flick in recent memory (after Panic, The Matador, and of course 2001’s Reluctant Hitman).

— Neglected trailers: Parker Posey in Hal Hartley’s Fay Grim, Will Arnett, Will Forte, and Kristen Wiig in The Brothers Solomon, Adam Samberg and Deadwood‘s Ian McShane in Hot Rod, John Krasinski in Must Relieve Agent of His Duties.

— “I go online to see how many hits I get.” Director File prescribes your weekly dose of Michel Gondry, this time in an HP ad shot by brother Oliver.

— “I chucked in Minority Report. Hell of a Movie!” The following video, filmed for the TRL-like Transmission (UK, Channel 4), is supposed to be about Samantha Morton’s role as the wife of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis in the biopic Control, but it’s much more about whether she was roped into Scientology by Tom Cruise, or what books Kelly Osborne read while in rehab, or why Samantha wore flip-flops to meet the Queen of England. Really, it’s a video about what it feels like to have your eyes wired open (ala A Clockwork Orange), forced to watch the worst in vapid, multi-camera brain-erosion that television has to offer. There is, at least, a short mention of her work as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in Harmony Korine’s latest Mister Lonely.

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