'Blueberry' Debut: Trailer, Words, Images


In a series of firsts for legendary Hong Kong director Wong-Kar Wai (profile), debuting today at The Cannes Film Festival, My Blueberry Nights. Starring: Norah Jones as Elizabeth, Jude Law as Jeremy, Rachel Weisz as Sue Lynne, Natalie Portman as Leslie, David Strathairn as Arnie, and Chan Marshall as Katya. For your approval:

My Blueberry Nights teaser trailer – via Coming Soon.

— Discovered by The Golden Rock – A Blueberry press-kit for the Cannes premiere(pdf): featuring bios of the director and cast, and some images (such as Jude Law and Chan Marshall together, above) unseen until now. (Non-French readers – you can cut and paste the text into an online translator, such as Babelfish.)

— More high-res images – via Rope of Silicon

— Norah Jones, on her screen debut, and working with WKW, excerpted from Variety:

“It was a very basic script, and we only received it about a week before we started shooting,” Jones says. “Before that, we had a very, very loose treatment. The script changed quite a bit. Often we would come to work and not know what scenes we were doing … and then it would all change and we’d get new pages 15 minutes before we’d go out. But I liked that. Coming from playing music that’s loose and improvisational, I really enjoyed that part of it.”

Reviews coming out of Cannes, and a respite from our MBN fixation to follow shortly.

Update: Just about the first words online about the press screening before the actual premiere: “Through it all, the visuals are seductive, but the English-language dialog by Wong and Lawrence Block falls flat…At the first press screening, a few fans tried to generate some applause, but the screening room quickly fell silent.” – Greg Kilday – Risky Biz. Gulp.

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  1. Tushar Says:

    This is the most inspiadraadtional video I have ever wetahcd. I cried and I sleimd, but more than anyadthing I felt hope. Real, physadiadcal hope. My heart felt like it was beatading stronger, more regaduadlar.. deep, rhythadmic drumadming sendading out a mesadsage to my body and that around me. My skin prickadled and my breathading became shaladlower, my body physadiadcally responded to the immense flow of energy I felt. I felt the music in my bones, it opened my mind to the mesadsage I was receivading. And I felt peace, I felt hope and I felt thanks. Thanks for sharading this video, it may have actuadally just changed mya0life.

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