Film Browsing: 6/6

Featured in The New Yorker’s Summer Fiction issue – 9 essays from literary notables, including Dave Eggers and Miranda July, on their favorite summer movie memories. (via GreenCine).

— “It was the summer of 2000. Cinemarati was my brainchild, and I brought in a handful of other online film critics whose sensibilities were in tune with me. We launched in January 2001. The Web was a different place, one with lots of loud voices shouting at one another about movies, but few speaking quietly and intelligently. We aimed to change that… and I think we did.” – Cinemarati’s MaryAnn Johanson. The collaborative site is shutting down, effective June 12th.


I Watch Stuff unearths a one-sheet for Todd Hayne’s I’m Not There, the biopic-bender with a team of Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Marcus Carl Franklin, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger, and Ben Whishaw – all as Bob Dylan in distinct phases in his lifetime. More from Solace in Cinema: Cannes posters for The Coen Bros. No Country for Old Men and Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York.

— MovieMaker of the week: Steven Soderbergh. Confession of the week: I have a secret film-crush on Full Frontal, alright? And you’ll just have to accept that.

This list from Premiere (the now online-only) Magazine, The 20 Most Overrated Movies of All Time, is a few months old, but it’s new to Awards Daily, and they take exception.

Sophia Loren responds (Filmstalker) to Quentin Tarantino’s remark that “New Italian Cinema Is Just Depressing“.


Twitch digs up the first production still for Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind, showing Jack Black and Mos Def in what appear to be makeshift Ghostbuster outfits. Plus, another from David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises.

— Industry: Regal Theaters will allow one lucky film-goer per screening to play watchdog with the Guest Response System. Plus, Landmark Theater’s “Public Living Room” experience (Chutry), and “Internet Killed the Adult Movie Star?” (Filmmaker ).

Casting/In Development: Last seen together, sort of, in Stranger Than Fiction, Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson to have a proper on-screen relationship in the romantic drama, Jump Tomorrow. Big Love‘s Ginnifer Goodwin joins the cast of Laws of Motion (Hollywood Reporter). Anna Faris in an untitled project as a “Playboy bunny who gets kicked out of the Playboy mansion and becomes the house mother to the lamest sorority on campus.” Faris may also join Justin Long in a never anticipated, never necessary sequel to 2005’s restaurant comedy, Waiting.

Mike Tyson to take on Bollywood. Naturally.

— The world needs four Sammy Davis Jr. films. And I mean that, man.

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