Video Selections: Television, 7/9

melI’m slowly warming to HBO’s new Flight of the Conchords. As a generality, hipster comedy is often just so much fluff intermingled with a hot soundtrack and thrift store costuming, as if it’s OK to package garbage in a kitchy but slick package that twenty-somethings can relate to. But against my hater instincts, I have to report that there’s actual comedy here – even the musical interludes, more often than not, are beyond eye-rolling reproach. A welcomed inclusion to the Conchords ensemble is comedienne Kristen Schall as freaky-fan Mel. (Schall can also be seen guest-hosting over at’s video Do’s and Don’ts and Friends.)

Mel’s video Stalker-blog | If You’re Into it | Flight of the Conchords podcasts – iTunes

Luckie Louie still dead. Louis CK – not at all. Videos. (GreenCine)

NYT on ex-Arrested Development wunderkind Michael Cera and his weekly web-only series at

— Liz Lemon alert. Cracked Magazine compiles the 10 Best 30 Rock moments.

— Check in on Parker Posey and Six Feet Under alum Lauren Ambrose in clips (123) from the still-in-developmental stage The Return of Jezebel James. Created and produced by Gilmore Girls scribe Amy Sherman-Palladino, slated for eventual fall deployment on Fox. (Spout)

Nicole Kidman checks her (Nintendo) brain age. (Dave and Thomas)

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