(Re)Visualize 'Blade Runner' and 'I'm Not There'

In all their exclamatory glory, AICN originally ran a post Wednesday evening entitled “Could These Be The Radically Reworked Opening Titles For BLADE RUNNER: FINAL CUT?!?!”, with a video (above) found on YouTube that came across a pretty slick re-imagining of the opening title sequence for the long awaited theatrical re-release, with 21st century tweaks. The post has since been pulled from the site, so we can interpret it to mean that either (as they wondered) the clip was a fake, a personal project by a fan, or that someone from the studio complained. Whatever the reason, the draft, with revamped music, soundbites, and visuals is still hanging around for the curious, until it isn’t. Compare it to the original. Blade Runner: Final Cut will be released to select theaters in late 2007 for a 25th-anniversary run, with a special edition DVD that includes the original theatrical version, the director’s cut, and “The Final Cut“, which will incorporate newly shot scenes and effects. More specifics over at The Big Picture.

Now, someone will have to consult the rulebook on whether it’s kosher to lump Ridley Scott and Bob Dylan together, but all this re-cutting and user generated film-fodder brings to mind a recent find by The Playlist – an “unofficial” trailer (below) for Todd Haynes’s Dylan biopic I’m Not There. The pic will feature the likes of Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, and Cate Blanchett (yes, really), among others, depicting the rock icon during separate periods in his career, though as The Daily Swarm points out, the footage for the trailer was merely lifted from Dylan’s “Series of Dreams” video (1992). Well played, all the same.

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  1. bob_jesus Says:

    First, It’s beautifully done, great idea, nice execution but I reckon it’s fan-generated. The flickering off-screen of the text doesn’t appear consistent, and if it’s supposed to be some sort of HUD text then why is it casting shadows across the background. speaking of which the text-shadow and the shadows of the cutouts having completely independent lightsources
    A: suggests the background was rendered first and the text(&shadow) added as a layer. If you’ve got the kit why not do it all at the same time.
    B: well…if I was working for Mr Scott, a stickler for detail, I wouldn’t imagine I’d get away with doing that as it jars ever so slightly enough to spoil the whole effect.
    it is a lovely piece of work tho! kudos to whomever it was put it together.

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  3. human Says:

    i think the shadows behind the names are just too amateur for any high profile title sequence.

  4. BIG fan Says:


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  7. vic359 Says:

    Looks like a nice fan homage. The timings of each credit are inconsistent and to top it off, there’s no mention of Philip K. Dick, Hampton Fancher or David Peoples, the writers!

  8. vic359 Says:

    Just watched it again and did see the Fancher/Peoples credit, but barely!

    A real title designer would not put white text against a white background without some kind of edge or shadow/glow on it. The text has to pop so that it’s legible. Again, the timing was so fast I missed it the first time.

  9. jardmonkey Says:

    It is not Blade Runner without Vangelis, the perfect score for the film, the entire mood and atmosphere of the film is complemented and defined by the score. Without it, there is nothing in those new images that tie it to the film tonally. Fake. Suck.

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