HBO at TCA: the Future of Curb, Deadwood, Big Love, Extras

Updates coming from media types convened at the Television Critics Association over the past few days – RE: returning series on the HBO docket.

The long and short of it – get comfortable with a changing of the guard folks, as most of your favorite shows are either in their death throes, or have questionable futures.

ld1.jpgCurb Your Enthusiasm – The long awaited 6th season will premiere on Sept 9th. There had been speculation in the past about whether this season would even happen. Now that it’s ready for airing, don’t expect any announcements on future Curb campaigns coming any time soon. “Every season I do is my last season,” says Larry David. “That’s the only way I can get through the season.” Having recently separated from his real-life spouse Laurie, maybe Larry will feel sudden inspiration to keep going. “I’ve just been cut in half,” he said, though the guy collects Seinfeld residuals in his sleep, so don’t hold your breath. (Past Deadline)

Deadwood – Nothing has changed since a year ago, when all that Deadwood watchers had left to pine for was two, 2-hour endcappers to wrap up the countless loose ends, and still there were no firm promises that they would come to fruition. Anyone who has followed creator David Milch’s storied career should know that he’s notoriously tardy when it comes to turning in scripts. Now, with his attention fully turned towards Imperial Beach surf clans in John From Cincinnati (stay tuned to see if makes it to a second season), and most of the Deadwood cast having moved onto other television and film roles (see Timothy Olymphant, who absolutely stole the show in the otherwise unremarkable Live Free or Die Hard, soon starring in Hitman), there are a lot of moving parts involved in getting the old crew back together. HBO Exec Michael Lombardo said that the Deadwood movies were “doable but daunting,” adding “We’ve had no conversations with David yet…We’re still interested but it may not happen.” (On The Air)

Big Love – “I’ve been worried about the show because it moved to Monday night and seems not to have much buzz or be a high HBO priority, but series creators Mark Olsen and Will Scheffer assured me they’re confident that it will be renewed for a third season.” Tuned In Journal interviews the show’s creators.

Extras – Very much like Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant wrapped up the original incarnation of The Office with a Christmas special (which I’m convinced was only done to appease fans maddened by the prospects of Tim and Dawn remaining un-hooked), there are plans to end the BBC/HBO production of Extras by way of a two-part special. Look for appearances from Madonna, Clive Owen, George Michael, plus David & Victoria Beckham when the Extras specials air around Christmas in the UK, and sometime next year on HBO. (Televisionary)

Coming up: more on yet-to-debut series from HBO, Showtime, and other non-garbage television offerings coming out of TCA.

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