How Much Love in HBO's 'Tell Me You Love Me'?

The cast and producers of HBO’s new very-adult series Tell Me You Love Me bobbed and weaved strong lines of questioning last week from critics on whether the show was about relationships or just about raw sex. More from The Kansas Star’s Aaron Barnhart:

That show revolves around three couples who all happen to be seeing the same 60-ish therapist, played by Jane Alexander. Most of the time they are talking — talking about how unhappy they are, what fears they have, the problems they are having communicating, and so on.

It’s the times when they aren’t talking at all that has everyone talking.

Tell Me You Love Me debuts on September 9th, just before the season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm. When told that the new show airing before his on Sunday nights would consist of “bosoms and things” (not to mention the pilot episode that ends “with a woman masturbating her husband to orgasm, with the entire act and all relevant body parts plainly visible”) Larry David responded “I’m in favor of that!”

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