'Darjeeling Limited' Trailer to Show in Theaters This Weekend, Poster Surfaces

darjeeling-limited-poster.jpgOn the same day that the poster for Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited was released online (by Anne Thompson, see larger image), news comes from USA Today that the trailer will be showcased by Fox Searchlight beginning this weekend, in front of both sci-fi pic Sunshine and musical arthouse hit and Sundance Audience Award Winner, Once.

Although I’ve seen and recommend Once (which most will either love or loathe according to their musical tastes and soft spots for wailing sensitivity – trailer), it’s been out in theaters for a while. If your primary objective is to sneak a peak at Wes Anderson’s latest polyester costumed-creation with Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, and Adrien Brody, I wonder if all of the smaller arthouse venues showing it will have the trailer. The safer bet might be Sunshine (trailer), which opens this Friday and should be released to more theaters. Also keep in mind that the trailer will likely find its way online any day now, maybe as soon as this weekend.

darjeeling-limited-usa-today1.jpgDescribed by Wes as a spiritual journey though India, taken by three brothers after the death of their father that “really just turns into a bender”, The Darjeeling Limited will open in theaters on Sept. 29th.

Big thanks to Kory, who sent in an email tip about the trailer release, and took the time to scan the blurb which we weren’t able to find online. Check out Friends With Managers, which he contributes to.

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  2. Shannon Says:

    the poster looks like the “Life Aquatic” one, oddly.

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