Our Contribution to 'The Simpsons' Zeitgeist

Other than making it known that there’s a six pack of Buzz Cola in the fridge, and the taste hints suspiciously of a repackaged Royal Crown, I’m afraid there’s not much to add in the way of commentary for the weekend opening for The Simpsons Movie that hasn’t already been tackled elsewhere – everywhere (50 Simpsons facts, anyone?), but there is this: 24 year-old “free hands” guitarist Zack Kim, who chose to doubly-disassemble this familiar theme song, because as he tells it, “a girl who I wanted to impress suggested it.” Video is not safe for guitar heroes with fragile egos. Take a deep breath and count to three before beelining to the pawn shop.Via The Stranger

Posted by Ted Zee on July 28th 2007 | Home Page | 1 Comment Subscribe to this site's feed

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  1. jeremyarp Says:

    That is impressive! I cannot tap.

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