Officially Official Trailer: 'Be Kind Rewind'


Afflicted with hyper-magnetization, Jerry (Jack Black) inadvertently erases the inventory of VHS at his best friend Mike’s (Mos Def) video store. With a scheme to recreate the hits themselves with a two-bit videocam, the pair become unlikely neighborhood stars with their hand-crafted appropriations of America’s pop catalog. Robocop, The Lion King, and Driving Miss Daisy are but a handful that receive hat-tipped tributes in Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind.

By tapping into a wealth of moviegoers who don’t know The Science of Sleep from Weird Science, this appears to be Gondry’s most accessible and box-office viable offering to date. Past efforts may have been pooh-poohed as too twee or whimsical, but Black and Mos as tin-foiled Ghostbusters suggest too much pure-popcorn fun to deny.

Jack Black. Mos Def. Danny Glover. Mia Farrow. Be Kind Rewind trailer. (Via Slashfilm)

Release date: December 21st, 2007.

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