Trailer: 'Harold & Kumar 2' Teaser

Stoner comedies are a two-way proposition – if the audience approaches the film with a specific set of adjusted, if not lowered standards, and the filmmaker can dole out a succession of laughs and keep the lulls to a minimum – everyone walks away smug and satisfied.

Harold & Kumar 2 will likely take no risks, and cover very little new territory. After all, it’s essentially a day 2 continuation of its base material (So yes. Neil Patrick Harris gets his love.) The pair have gotten themselves into some Homeland Security troubles on their way to Amsterdam – besides the obvious puff-positives over there, it’s where Harold’s neighbor and love interest has just headed. Dragged off the plane for a botched bong smuggle, they’re pegged as terrorist threats, but get away and lead authorities on a cross-country chase. Do they ever make it Amsterdam? Does it matter?

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