Drop that New York Times crossword and try to identify the 100 plus vintage closing frames from film and television captured in this Flickr photoset, entitled 24 fps (via yewknee). Or maybe you have a job, a girlfriend, or a spouse to tend to. Do what you gotta do. It’s fine.

Supplemental fonts & film: Helvetica – the documentary.

Posted by Ted Zee on September 19th 2007 | Home Page | 2 Comments Subscribe to this site's feed

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  1. Yannis Says:

    xaxaxaxa tenegtvee cvchehihee zuugeel hevtre zasaal utsaa barial urtaas urt amisgaa avaal darsan umnuus usreestei kkkkkkkk shun dund gantsaar ineeev gj

  2. Pupetta Says:

    This is a really inlentigelt way to answer the question.

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