Video Selections: 9/26


The Coen Brothers are not fucking around with this No Country for Old Men red band trailer, so be over 17 or just settle for down and dirty lo-res. Not for the squeamish. (Awards Daily)

— “Taken strictly as a promotional stunt, [Natalie] Portman’s part in the five-minute love scene, which, for the record, is handled with admirable restraint, has worked gangbusters, lighting up the blogosphere and capturing headlines as far away as Azerbaijan.” (L.A. Times) After the commercial break, Wes Anderson’s Darjeeling prequel-of-sorts, the 13 minute Hotel Chevalier, with Jason Schwartzman and the aforementioned Portman, premieres today on iTunes.

Supplemental reading: Not a review (The Onion) of The Darjeeling Limited, but this is (IFC Blog). Take them as foreshadowing of the critical pile-on likely to come in the next couple days, as it opens up the New York Film Festival this weekend.

— Trailer: Leelee Sobieski seemingly disappeared from the cinematic landscape post-Eyes Wide Shut in 1999, but this dominatrixy casting in Walk All Over Me says “I’m back(?)” (Film Junk)

Michel Gondry and Motorola, sitting in a tree. (Spout)

Four clips from the hyped beyond belief teen-pregnancy comedy, Juno, with Ellen Page and Michael Cera. (Slashfilm)

Wristcutters: A Love Story. Patrick Fugit, Shannon Sassoon, and Tom Waits in a comedy about a post-suicide afterlife. Trailer. Pic seems to have been floating around in a purgatory of its own, largely unseen (since Sundance 06′) for quite some time now.

— “Forget Alonso CuarĂ³n’s long take in Children of Men.” PVC-1: suspense told in one 85-minute take. (Mad About Movies)

Fall Television prep:

Best Week Ever, with 6 clips from The Office season premiere this Thursday.

Dirty Sexy Money premieres tonight (ABC), and “lives up to it’s name,” (NYT) but the “pilot doesn’t quite gel.” (Variety) Cast includes Donald Sutherland and a Baldwin, but its ex-Six Feet Under star Peter Krause that clinches it. Promo.

— Also tonight, the most talked-about pilot of the fall season: Pushing Daisies. Feel the vibe, or not, in this promo.

— Not that Emmy-grasper Tina Fey needed Jerry Seinfeld’s help for the October 4th premiere. Season 2 promo. (Goldenfiddle)

— TV critic Aaron Barhart interviews Richard Roeper, of Ebert & Roeper, about a couple of current matters, closing with the latest on the ongoing absence of the ubiquitous “Thumbs Up”. The Nation’s Top Pundit (also absent) and Disney are still at odds.

— Not sponsored by Apple, Tip 2: View the trailer for the Extras Christmas Special, aka the last episode of Extras ever, by subscribing to the Ricky Gervais podcast on iTunes. (I Watch Stuff)

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