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Mika2Directed by Mike Mills (Thumbsucker), IFC airs Does Your Soul Have a Cold? tonight (9pm ET/10pm PT). The documentary focuses on America’s influence on Japan’s changing views on depression, and follows 5 Tokyo residents using antidepressants. Supplemental to my interview with Mike Mills a couple weeks ago – 2 video clips: Morning routines, and Mika (pictured), one of the film’s subjects. Info/listings.

— Variety on AMC’s Mad Men: both critics and fans “are rabid about the series, holding viewing parties and day-after discussions. The only people who don’t seem to like it, it seems, are real-life Mad men, who complain that the depiction of Madison Avenue is unrealistic.”

— Speaking of the ad world, New York Times on directors moonlighting in commercial work, with Michael Mann and Wes Anderson as recent examples.

— Meanwhile, Anderson’s short film, Hotel Chevalier, intended as a prelude and companion piece to The Darjeeling Limited, will be shown along with the feature film once it hits broad release this coming Friday. The much talked about short (mostly due to a nude glimpse of Natalie Portman) was first released on iTunes.

— Early reports on Francis Ford Coppola’s long awaited Youth Without Youth: lackluster (SlashFilm).

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  1. Paul Levinson Says:

    I love Mad Men, and just put a 20-minute interview with Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) …

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