Michel Gondry Gears Up "Auntie" Documentary

mgTo add on to his pile of projects in the planning stages, Michel Gondry has told MTV News of his intentions to release an unnamed film of a personal nature. He said, “I’m doing [a documentary] about my Auntie who has been a school teacher for 50 years. It’s amazing.”

Of course its not a true Michel Gondry joint without some handcrafted or surreal touches, and because many of the schools that his 80 year-old aunt has taught at have either disappeared or are dilapidated, he’ll use some form of visual trickery to fill in the blanks. “We shot [my aunt] on film and [also] did some animation,” said the filmmaker.

The documentary adds another iron to the fire for Gondry, who by some accounts has committed to a Blondie biopic, with Kirsten Dunst allegedly pegged for the lead role (a controversial pick, though Debbie Harry approves). He also had joined two other directors Joon-ho Bong (The Host) and Leos Carax in shooting a triptych entitled Tokyo! (think Paris, je t’aime), in addition to the Daniel Clowes scripted Master of Space and Time. Next project of his slated to hit the screen is Be Kind Rewind, next January.

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