NBC Mulling 'Office' Spinoff?

off2NBC is rumored to to be in discussions with the creative team behind The Office about the possibilities of a spinoff, according to Michael Ausiello of TV Guide. The plan may involve the introduction of a handful of new characters in the current season, with the newbies to eventually jump to an as yet unnamed series. The network is also reportedly looking for at least one top-tier name to add to the second generation cast.

To further the speculation, I say the spinoff rumors speak to the future of The Office as we know it. With Steve Carell a full fledged box office draw, plus John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson making inroads as well, it appears that cast members, if not the entire production group altogether, are beginning to eye the endgame in the foreseeable future. Currently in their fourth season, I could see the team committing to one or two more, with the spinoff as a concession to the network. Five seasons would be a great run, and would increase the chances that they could walk away from the production while still near their prime. Six may be pushing it.

NBC seems hopelessly devoted to all things Dunder Mifflin, to a fault. They suggested the hour-long episodes, which have seemed especially labored. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the idea for a second Office campaign (or third, in respect to Ricky Gervais) was their baby as well. The writing team of The Office – partly consisting of cast members like B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling pulling double-duty – is smart enough to know when to ride this thing into the sunset before the show turns into a sad shadow of its former self. If the rumored series takes shape, would they be involved long term or hand it off to pursue new opportunities? Is the spinoff their escape pod?

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  1. sam Says:

    what the hell? you must hate this show. It’s getting funnier every episode.

  2. bryan Says:

    what the hell? The new episodes suck, you must be a douche

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