Strike Inevitable


Update: Variety reports that it’s official: “all writing covered under WGA agreements must cease when the strike starts” at 12:01 Pacific Time on Monday.

To most of us, it was all too much inside baseball up to this point – but the ongoing battle between industry moguls and writers is about to prompt a very real interruption of our daily viewing habits. Barring some miracle play taking place over the weekend, the Writers Guild of America will likely begin their industry halting strike on Monday. Daily comedy shows such as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report would immediately go into repeats. Leno, Letterman, Conan and the like would probably go the same route, and depending on the duration of the strike, everything from soap operas and primetime network series to Hollywood film productions could come to a full stop once the supply of already scripted material runs dry. Deadline Hollywood’s Nikke Finke, who weeks ago joked, “I’ll fucking lose my mind if I have to post a labor story daily starting October 31st,” and lately has been covering it day-to-day anyway, noted this morning that many are saying this is going to be “a long and hard strike ,” possibly lasting well past Oscar night and going as long as six months.

Variety: “Hopes for a settlement cratered Wednesday night — a few hours before the WGA contract expired — amid bitter recriminations from both sides. The meltdown occurred when companies insisted that the WGA drop its demand to increase homevid residuals, including Internet downloads.” Continuing coverage.

L.A. Times live-blogged the WGA meeting Thursday evening that culminated in strike and picketing plans.

— The New York Times lines up the dominoes: “thousands of businesses, whether mom-and-pop companies that train dogs for television shows or lumber yards that specialize in building materials for sets, face possibly dire consequences, some sooner than others.”

So what’s a starving writer to do in the meantime? Video:

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