Two or Three More for 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'?

LD1As typical of Larry David, after the conclusion of most every season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the star/creator of the hit HBO series claims it will be the last. Maybe due to an abundance of free time thanks to his newfound single status, or that he caught his second wind – whatever it is, the New York Post is reporting that he’s been telling friends of late that he’s considering two, possibly three more seasons (via Pop Candy). A spokesman for HBO commented, “”Larry has a home at HBO as long as he likes,” and why wouldn’t they want to hold on to him? The current run, which concludes next Sunday, is arguably David’s best work in the show’s six seasons, and if it were to continue (after The Wire concludes in 08′) it’d be the one remaining testament to the network’s glory days.

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Posted by Ted Zee on November 05th 2007 | Home Page | 1 Comment Subscribe to this site's feed

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  1. miles marioni Says:

    larry must be fun to work with-among other things like being friends. thought i was jewish for 4-5 yrs in childhood –single mom. always look forward to more. Enjoy life, ya you reading this, miles

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