Letterman Subsidizing Staff During Strike

dave1David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants staff for both his Late Show and Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show will be paid through the end of the year out of Dave’s own pocket, reports Deadline Hollywood. The talk shows have been in repeats since the WGA strike began last week.

Unfortunately for the technical staff, most are employees of CBS, and therefore are excluded from being cut fresh paychecks from either party. Though they aren’t as bad off as the hundred or so non-writing staff members of NBC’s The Office, who were laid off altogether last week.

Meanwhile (videos):

— Networks heads talk out of both sides of their mouth, boasting over easy profits to be made from increased internet presence while giving writing talent the stiff-arm on a small cut of the payoff.

— Not The Daily Show, but its writers making some picket-line points .

— Sarah Silverman strikes. Stiller, Tomlin, Tripplehorn, Louis-Dreyfus, Helgenberger, J.J.’s dad from Good Times, et al. join the picketers outside Universal Studios.

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