John Edwards to Join Picketing Masses Friday

jed1With 63 percent of Americans polled for a Pepperdine University study siding with striking writers over the major studios, it was just a matter of time before it became a campaign trail topic. Fresh off a democratic debate in Las Vegas, the camp for presidential candidate John Edwards has announced that he’ll take a spot amongst the picketers in Burbank this afternoon. From an email making the rounds with WGA members on Thursday, posted by Ben Smith at Politico (via Slog).

Tomorrow, there will only be a 6-10am shift at CBS TELEVISION CITY. Those wishing to picket after that, please get your asses to NBC BURBANK. Presidential dreamboat John Edwards will be marching. Don’t bring up 2004.

A distant third in polling behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Edwards also has the least support in Hollywood both dollars wise and among the celeb and studio player set, says Nikki Finke. He’s scheduled to join the picket line at 2pm in front of NBC Entertainment in Burbank.

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