Saturday Night Live: Reruns on Screen, Live on Stage

update1This weekend, at the same time that NBC aired a repeat episode of the Brian Williams hosted Saturday Night Live, an audience of 150 at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Manhattan were treated to a longer, dirtier, and live performance of the comedy show on stage (USA Today). Hosted by wunderkind of the moment, Michael Cera, and featuring all of the usual players (with the exception of Maya Rudolph) and recently cast-off castmates Rachel Dratch and Horatio Sanz , the group performed 15 “dirtier than usual” skits and even delivered a Weekend Update to make it a true SNL experience.

Proceeds from the two-hour performance went to benefit behind the scenes employees of the show affected by the WGA strike that began two weeks ago. Prep for the live show was underway for a week before over 50 crew members were laid off on Friday morning (Variety) despite the fact that NBC has still retained staffers from both Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien’s late-night shows, which are also in repeats. The Saturday Night Live— On Strike! performance was set up in part by Amy Poehler, who along with her SNL gig, is a member of the current Upright Citizens Brigade peformance troupe and founded the UCB theater. She recruited host Michael Cera, who has yet to host SNL-proper, via text message. The 20 dollar tickets for the event were snapped up quickly and some were offered up on Craigslist for over $300.

“We’re like cranky trained monkeys if we don’t get to perform,” said Poehler. “We all thought about what we’re going to do during the strike, and because we have no other skills, we just scraped this together.”

Also sold out at the UCB Theater is another benefit show: This Monday evening will feature Tina Fey and company for a live 30 Rock performance at 8:00 pm.

There was some hopeful progress on the writers strike front over the weekend, as some “back-channel talks” have led to an agreement for reps from both the Writers Guild of America and the other party – the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers – to resume negotiation talks on Monday, November 26th.

More details and photos from the live SNL performance, via The New York Times.

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