Video: Charlie Rose and The Coen Brothers on 'No Country'

“There’s a lot of violence in the book – as there is in a lot of Cormac’s novels – and it’s very important to the story. We couldn’t conceive of soft-peddling that in the movie and really doing anything [not] resembling the book. It would have been nonsensical.

It’s about a character confronting a very arbitrary, violent, brutal world. And you have to see that. You see it in the story as it’s written and you have to see it in the movie in order to understand anything about what the characters are about and what they’re confronting and what they’re trying to make sense of.” – Joel Coen

A great conversation, via Hollywood Elsewhere – 30 minutes shared between Charlie Rose, Joel and Ethan Coen, and their No Country for Old Men stars Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin. Along with going over the casting of Tommy Lee Jones, Brolin, and Bardiem – as the raw-throated, jean-jacketed, “latter-day Hannibal ” – the group talks about The Coen’s shared sensibilities with the No Country novelist, Cormac McCarthy. As Brolin puts it, “There’s no pandering going on with Cormac and there’s no pandering going on with The Coens.”

It’s certainly true for No Country. If the garish violence doesn’t turn audiences off, the confounding conclusion may push some over the edge. But if you find yourself turning the thing around in your mind long after you’ve drifted out from the theater to the sidewalk, or picked up McCarthy’s book for answers – damn it if those aren’t some of the very things that highlight the difference between a good or great film, and one such as this that may rank among the decade’s classics.

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