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One thing we’ve all surely absorbed by now: get Judd Apatow to write, direct, produce or cough in the general direction of your movie and you’re golden, box office wise. In the case of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he produced and shares a writing credit with star Jason Segel, who you’ll remember from every preceding Apatow joint of late, along with the gone but not forgotten Freaks and Geeks.

Directed by first timer Nicholas Stoller, the picture stars Segel as Peter, the failed musician who’d been doting on girlfriend and television star Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) for going on six years – only to be unceremoniously dumped. Peter makes a break for Hawaii to lay low and grieve but there’s no escaping when he runs into his ex and her new British rocker boyfriend. Tagged as “the world’s first romantic disaster comedy,” (whatever that means) though it looks and sounds suspiciously like the world’s next Farrelly Brothers romp.

Also featured: Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, and Jack McBrayer. Scheduled release: May 30, 2008.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall trailer

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  1. Nicholas Plowman Says:

    This film looks amazing, can’t wait to see it. Kristen Bell kicks several varieties of ass.

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