P.T. Anderson, Daniel Day-Lewis, & Charlie Rose

A lot of topics touched on here, but the bulk of Charlie Rose’s 54 minute conversation sidesteps Paul Thomas Anderson in favor of his There Will Be Blood star. Rose, who has interviewed Daniel Day-Lewis a couple of times, was fixated on trying to crack the shell of the tight-lipped enigma, to varying degrees of success. The discussion is probably more valuable as a post-TWBB viewing, not because of the fact that it borders on spoilerish, but as an exercise in trying to put a finger on DLD’s portrayal of silver-prospector turned cold-blooded oil tyrant, Daniel Plainview.

The film is slated for a New York and Los Angeles only release on Wednesday, with a broader release in the following weeks. AICN has posted a tip with an accompanying teaser video – a heads up that there will be a midnight sneak screening in fourteen cities (Sacramento, San Diego, Denver, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, Toronto, Philadelphia, Portland, Austin, Dallas, and Seattle) on Saturday, December 29th. Details and ticket purchases (while available) here. See you at the Seattle screening.

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  1. Adam Says:

    Thanks a lot! Didn’t know they were on Rose’s show. I saw the film in New York this past weekend, and was absolutely stunned. Given the current trends, I never thought I’d see another truly great American film in my lifetime – I should have known that P.T. Anderson was the man who would do it.

  2. Sherrill Says:

    Great article, еxactrly what I was looking for.

  3. Francesca Says:

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