The False Humility of 'Juno'

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It’s funny because it’s true. Or is it? The dismissal of Juno’s Oscar chances in this Q&A between middle schoolers and directer Jason Reitman is a scripted set-up and “aw schucks..just happy to be here” nod to more deserving films, though as much as a hater like myself would like to think, the picture is not necessarily the out-of-the-question contender standing next to favorites No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood.

Though Reitman’s helming might best be described as “capable,” the accolades belonging to Ellen Page and castmates (loved them) and first timer Diablo Cody’s script (drove me nuts, but understand the sentiment otherwise) are deserved, and Juno is the Academy’s 100 million earning, demographic-sweet-spot-hitting crowd pleaser that will keep the average household interested in the telecast. Nothing more. Not intended to be a cut on the filmmakers and cast who’ve just tried to make the best movie possible, but rather some vented annoyance towards the press and publicity working hard to hustle this as a little picture that could: with Fox’s ubiquitous marketing and major box-office performance, it’s anything but the little guy. In one of the strongest years for award-worthy films in this decade, if the Oscars were strictly about awarding the towering achievements, this good, not great or groundbreaking picture wouldn’t even receive a place at the table. But sometimes they’re about front running and heaping praise on the prom queen in underdog’s clothing, in which case the ever-so-slightly edgy, teen and family-friendly Juno belongs.

Speaking of obnoxious, a Juno-ism has found itself on The Urban Dictionary (via Fraktastic), noted with appropriate usage, and rebuttal:

Honest to Blog

An annoying phrase that hipster-wannabes use to add to the credibility if a statement or check the credibility of another person’s statement.
It is a play on the phrase “Honest to god” that refers to the fact that blogs have been reputed as fact checkers in recent years.

Example 1 –
Hipster wannabe: “I just read Allen Ginsberg’s latest book of poetry. Honest to blog it is the best he’s written yet.”
Hipster: “Um, Allen Ginsberg is dead… and don’t use that phrase, it’s fucking annoying.”

Example 2 –
Person: “I just got my second face lift in three years.”
Hipster wannabe: “Honest to blog?”
Person: “Yea… and don’t say that, it’s fucking annoying.”

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  1. William Says:

    How funny would this have really been if Reitman was actually ambushed and caught on camera? Would he have been so smooth? Nothing against him personally at all. I’m just getting tired of the “Oops, look what we found when no one was looking but an entire film crew” viral marketing clip.

    Regarding the film, truly obnoxious but smart at the same time. “Homeskillet” is the phrase that annoyed me more.

  2. Marie Says:

    So glad that honest to blog has angered others as much as it has for me, its like nails down a chalkboard everytime i hear it on the Juno ad.

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