Netflix, Best Buy Reject HD DVD on Same Day


Not that you shouldn’t have seen it coming, but let there be no mistaking now – the next-gen DVD war is over, following the one-two punch in the news on Monday.

Strike 1 – January 22nd: Blu-ray players soar to 93 percent of next-gens sold during the week after Warner Brothers announced they were going Blu exclusive. (Engadget)

Strike 2 – February 11th: Netflix announces they will phase out their entire catalog of HD DVD releases by end of year, going Blu-ray exclusive. (Variety)

Strike 3 – February 11th: Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics chain in the U.S., announced that because they “believe that Blu-ray is fast emerging as that single format,” they’ll be recommending it over HD DVD to customers. Stick a fork in em’. (Reuters)

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