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Leonardo DiCaprio is producing a live-action adaptation of long-time cult anime favorite, Akira, said to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The Wachowski Brothers would be the first candidates coming to mind to take this one on, but reports are that Irish director Ruairi Robinson will take the helm for what could be a two-movie project. (Film Junk)

— Oscar snubbed David Fincher will direct Black Hole, based on the Charles Burns graphic novel. Former Tarantino collaborator Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman (Beowulf) handled the screenplay. (Variety)

— “I’m mainly dealing with the whole no-dick situation.” – “Viral Videos,” (NSFW) a new skit from Human Giant. The first episode of season 2 – guest starring Bill Hader, Brian Posehn, Andy Samberg, and Matt Walsh is available on iTunes now, uncensored.

— What started out this past weekend as excitement over leaked screen test footage for Where the Wild Things Are has led to rampant speculation over the future of the project. CHUD has heard Warner Brothers grumblings that not only are they not happy with the dark tone of the film, but they have problems with everything from the Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers penned script to lead child-actor, Max Records. Possible outcomes could include an entire reshoot and/or Spike Jonze taking his name off the film.

— Early impressions from a “very unfinished” cut of the Wachowski’s Speed Racer. (AICN)

— Average number of viewers for season one of Dexter on Showtime: 733,000. Number of viewers for the debut of the rebroadcasted, edited version on CBS Sunday night: 8.1 million. (TV Decoder)

Saturday Night Live, back this weekend with Tina Fey as guest host, is holding auditions for their Barack Obama. Maya Rudolph is, as of yet, unsigned to come back. (NY Post)

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