Video Selections: Parodies Aplenty

I had to double check to be sure this was not an impersonation: presents filmmaker/author/performance artist Miranda July as Parody-Miranda July, in the especially peculiar “How To Make a Button.” (via Goldenfiddle)

— Nowadays it’s nearly as high of a compliment to have your film spoofed as Oscared. After Jewno, No Country for Little Men (Best Week Ever), and There Will Be Bud, you feel like the again-overlooked Michael Clayton and Atonement have been doubly-dissed.

— Related: Diablo Cody gets the Chris Cocker treatment. (Film Experience)

— Preview, not parody: the full season two opener of Showtime’s The Tudors, starring King Jonathan Rhys Meyers is up online. (Password: Royal)

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