Bjork's 3D Wanderlust


Bjork’s Wanderlust video has been released to Wired Magazine as it was meant to be seen – in three lush, hypercolor dimensions. If you’re the crafty type, they’ve given instructions to make your own glasses. For those that possess superhuman patience, One Little Indian will snail mail you a pair for one self addressed stamped envelope. If you’re of the lazy, but still slightly curious variety, Wired also has the video in high-res 2D. (via YESORNODC)

Related: Drowned in Sound editors’ Top Ten unmistakably Bjork videos (via jeffmradio). I’ve always been partial to the Michel Gondry directed Jóga.

Posted by Ted Zee on April 22nd 2008 | Home Page | 3 Comments Subscribe to this site's feed

3 Responses

  1. Station Agent Says:

    Joga’s the best. Thanks for the links.

  2. thatjasonguy Says:

    Hey Ted, thanks so much for the link-love! We’re a very young blog, so we really appreciate it.

  3. Ted Zee Says:

    SA and Jason, no problem.

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