P.T. Anderson's Not Touching 'Metal Gear' Though There are Plenty of Other Laughable Headlines That You Actually Can Take to the Bank


Heaps of morning coffee spitting stories in the past 24 hours, though this was the most dubious: rumors were flying Tuesday evening that Paul Thomas Anderson was “circling” the upcoming film adaptation of the long running Playstation cash cow, Metal Gear Solid. Slashfilm talked to sources at Konami Games that reasserted that it wasn’t a case of mistaken identity between P.T. and the lesser Paul W.S. Anderson (with fistfuls of crap game-to-movie credits to his name already) and that the There Will Be Blood director was truly in play. Though as was to be expected, they later offered another update from Collider that refuted the whole thing: their source attached to the film’s production blew off the speculation as “completely false and ridiculous.”

Offer of dweebish consolation: The Cash and Carry Tournament of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh Tributes to There Will Be Blood.

And now, legitimate but equally hard to swallow headlines:

Nicolas Cage to star in Werner Herzog directed remake of Bad Lieutenant (Variety)

Michael Moore plans Fahrenheit 9/11 sequel, but sidesteps the Weinsteins (Anne Thompson)

Point Break: Indo (Hollywood Reporter)

Jonah Hill in talks for 21 Jump Street adaptation (Entertainment Weekly)

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