Sydney Pollack Dies at 73


Two-time Oscar winning director, producer, and actor Sydney Pollack died at his home in Los Angeles on Memorial Day. Starting out in television in the sixties, then moving on to direct over twenty films in forty years, including The Way We Were, Three Days of the Condor, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, and Absence of Malice – Pollack’s standing in the Hollywood mainstream was bolstered in the early eighties with the blockbuster hit Tootsie and then the Best Picture and Best Director winning Out of Africa.

Pollack also produced close to fifty projects and for decades has also acted in mostly supporting roles – up to Made of Honor, released this month. Pollack also produced and appeared in the Oscar nominated Michael Clayton last year. (New York Times)

“Within the world of big-budget Hollywood moviemaking, Pollack brought intelligence, political awareness, and solid craftsmanship to projects in a variety of genres and subject matters…While still being commercial films aimed at mass audiences, his films were elegant movies attuned to both the DNA of his stars but also to the sociological and political currents of the times in which they were made.” – Filmmaker Magazine

Video: “I’m sorry. Is my directing interfering with your phone call? Well how rude of me.”

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