We're Not Going to Be Fooled by the Sequel in the Tailpipe


People are squawking about Brett Ratner’s reported involvement in Beverly Hills Cop 4 (Summer 2010), but the real issue here is whether Eddie Murphy can time-machine back into a legitimately funny, adult role. You can put Axel Foley into the Pluto Nash, but can you take the Pluto Nash out of Axel Foley? (Variety)

Previously: “Filth Flarn Filth” never happened, says Cosby

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  1. 9 Items » Big Screen Little Screen Says:

    […] Ratner cuts to the chase and saves us all at least a year (plus two hours, plus 10 dollars) in wondering whether Eddie Murphy could possibly regain his edge and if Beverly Hills Cop 4 will be worth the bother. (MTV […]

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