P.T. Anderson Rumor Wheel Lands on 'Power Play'


Unofficial but most trustworthy of P.T. Anderson fansites Cigarettes and Red Vines has trudged up some speculation that the Oscar nominated director may soon be heading up the Robert Evans produced, Las Vegas set drama, Power Play. Paramount picked up the rights for Power Play, written by Variety Editor-in-Chief Peter Bart, back in 1998. In this 10-year old piece in Variety (via SlashFilm) Evans mentioned that he had hopes of roping in Jack Nicholson for the project, and that Anderson had already expressed being “very excited about adapting and directing it.” Power Play focuses on the struggles between a Native American entrepreneur and the established Vegas moguls that see him as a threat to their gambling turf stronghold.

P.T. has already logged some screen time within the gambling culture with his modest debut feature Hard Eight (1996) set in Reno, but knowing that he has a propensity to jump around to entirely new themes from one film to the next – not to mention that 10 years and three Anderson films have passed since this project was first announced – makes you wonder about the chances that this one will come to fruition. Though at face value it’s certainly more plausible than that Metal Gear Solid rumor that lasted all of one weekend.

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  1. Nick Plowman Says:

    PTA anything, I am in no matter what.

    It sounds pretty awesome, if it is true.

  2. Kept Quiet: P.T. Anderson to Direct L.A. Stage Performance » Big Screen Little Screen Says:

    […] from an adaptation of the Playstation videogame hit Metal Gear Solid (definitely not happening) to a high-stakes Las Vegas set drama entitled Power Play […]

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