Hal Ashby as Director's Director


“When I was asked to write about the film Being There, I thought it would be fun. … After watching it again I got very depressed. It was even better than I remembered it to be. Fuck this article. Sometimes seeing a great film takes the wind out of you. Watching this film reminded me how far I have to go.

I prefer to watch shitty movies so I can feel good about myself. There is nothing better than sitting in bed and enjoying a shitty comedy. I laugh at the bad jokes and I smile as I convince myself, as I often need to, that my work doesn’t suck as bad as what I am watching. It gives me the confidence to make movies. I call them movies to have the flu by—movies that are great if you need to kill time while sitting in bed with the flu. … Being There is not one of those movies.”

Judd Apatow participates in a celebration of Hal Ashby’s work in Good Magazine. Also looking back on the 1970s as the decade that belonged to the underappreciated filmmaker are Alexander Payne on The Landlord, Wes Anderson on The Last Detail, and David O. Russell on Shampoo. Jason Schwartzman (on Harold and Maude) is even in the mix, just for…well, I don’t know why. (via GreenCine Daily)

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