Edinburgh with Mum and Dad

Hello all, tis Marie here from Write on Film dropping off my blog post whilst Ted is off having fun in Japan.

This weekend I was off on a whirlwind trip to the Edinburgh Film Festival to run up and down the city’s hills in the rain for my distribution day job. It was a weekend of firts, it being my first time up at the festival, and also the festivals first year in its spanking new June slot.

Having time to squish 1 film into my 36hr mad dash, the more than general consensus was to catch new British horror Mum & Dad– and the accompanying rumours of Perry Benson ‘enjoying’ himself a bit too much with a lump of raw flesh left me disturbed but compelled.

Mum and Dad

Our damsel in distress Lena, is a young Polish girl working as an airport cleaner. After missing her last ride home from work she accompanies colleague Birdie back to her family house but soon finds herself held prisoner by Birdie’s torture happy family, headed up by the depraved Mum & Dad of the title.

Thankfully this is not another gentle British ‘comedy horror’ riding the coat tails of Shaun of the Dead, and is keen to go quite far out with the shock factor. I think the best way to describe the film is to imagine dropping The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a few Mike Leigh Films and a couple of Martin Parr photos into a blender and inspeting the grusome, twee and very Britsh outcome.

Sadly after the first 30 minutes Mum and Dad has already packed its biggest punch. The following shocks, blood and severed limbs begin to randomly fall all over the place and it becomes hard to care for Lena’s plight, or feel any sense of tension. I would have loved the film to have been not so continually heavy handed and instead build on the fleeting sinister moments of ‘normal’ family life.

In all though it was good to see a British horror putting its own spin on the recent flurry of torture porn, and it does have a great concept albeit one that gets lost on its way.

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