First SNL With Carlin (1975)

[A special thanks to Ted Zee for inviting me as a guest blogger for BSLS. Hope I can do his site proud.]

I would fight and fight hard to stay up. I had my Saturday night ritual. Start watching Saturday Night Live at 11:30 then wrestling at midnight, switch back and forth between commercials and if my plans worked out, watch a late night horror film like the original, silent Phantom of the Opera on PBS or channel 57. So much for plans. My seven year old body ached for sleep so I rarely made it. I missed the great George Carlin kick off the first SNL back in 1975. I never got to see his irreverent brand of humor set the tone for what would be one of the longest running sketch comedy shows on television. Well, set the DVR because in memory of this great loss to comedy and in my opinion humanity, NBC will be airing a rebroadcast of that first show.

Here’s what you need to know:

Saturday Night Live – Host George Carlin with Janis Ian and Billy Preston, Saturday, June 28th 11:30 EST

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