Octagenerian Love

There is certainly a dearth of romantic movies involving the elderly; that is, if you don’t count being forced to watch incredulously as Jack Nicholson romances Helen Hunt. Elsa & Fred, opening today, is a refreshing change in that department. The romance between the off-kilter Elsa (veteran Argentinean actress China Zorrilla) and the staid, recently-widowed Alfredo (Manuel Alexandre) certainly has its share of clichés. And we’ve seen better films where scenes of reckless driving underscore an aging character’s zest for life. But China Zorilla’s performance is so engaging that it’s hard not to be moved when she completes her Bucket List and takes a dip in the Trevi Fountain à la Anita Eckberg. You can watch the trailer here.

Alexa Frangos is an artist and recovering lawyer who collages her daily inspirations from film and culture at Pop Elegantiarum.

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