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So Ted Zee already left on a jet plane, and a few of the YESORNODC crew are headed to the shore this weekend, all of which got me to thinking about movies of movement: the good, the bad, and the inscrutable. Too many films belong to the first category to even begin to exhaust the list here; every time you think of one (Easy Rider, easily), you remember another (Y tu mamá también!) and another (Midnight Run!) and another (Broken Flowers!). The bad’s a bit easier– avoid anything made in the past decade with the phrase “road trip” actually in the title, for starters. The inscrutable? We’ll leave those up to Vincent Gallo.

You can decide which of the aforementioned categories to add Jacques Tati’s Trafic (1971) to when Criterion releases it–along with plenty of extra goodness, natch– on July 15th. Monsieur Hulot’s live action swan song finds Tati’s alter ego bumbling his way from Paris to an auto show in Amsterdam; hijinks, as always, ensue. Heretofore, Trafic was only legally available across the Atlantic on PAL, but possibly with good reason… It’s more than a little sad to see Play Time‘s protagonist holed up in a drab Parisian automotive factory at the outset of Trafic, all the pomp and circumstance of the previous film’s brilliant traffic circle-cum-carnival denouement reduced to a palette of pallid grays and greens.

Those left someone disenchanted by Trafic, however, need not fret. Sylvain Chomet– he of Les Triplettes de Belleville fame– will resurrect Hulot, albeit in animated form, in next year’s L’Illusionniste, from an unproduced script by Tati. This time around, struggling magician Hulot takes his act on the road from the Hebrides to– of all places– Edinburgh (Chomet’s Django Films is based in Auld Reekie). More info over at Scotland on Sunday.

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