It Came From Tartan

The Indie Film Crisis as talked about by Chuck Tryon a couple of days ago is a subject that I can’t resist passing comment on. Although things are a little different over here in the UK, this week saw the demise of groundbreaking distributor Tartan Films who brought films such as La Haine, Secretary and Julien Donkey-Boy to UK screens (as well as sadly keeping Ken Park off them – due to Tartan boss Hamish McAlpine‘s now infamous fight with Larry Clark). Following the closure of the US Tartan arm and the continued rumours that they were seeking a buy-out deal (ThinkFilm were at one point in negotiations – further fuel for their own much speculated current financial woes) it should not come as a great shock.
Unsurprisingly the thought of the Tartan back-catalogue becoming available has got the vultures circling. Maybe this is all a little premature, as Screen Daily reports ‘It is not envisaged that Tartan Films will be able to resume trading. However, there are several other companies that bear the Tartan name and they are not affected by the administration. “We [the administrators] are dealing solely with Tartan Films Distribution Ltd,” .’ So does this mean that their home entertainment brand Tartan Video is still in operation? I don’t think this is the last we’ve heard from Tartan but as to their next move? Who knows.

(Since writing a much more in-depth feature has appeared on the Guardian website detailing the fall of Tartan and the problems facing the potential UK Indie Film Crisis, which can be found here.)

Frances works in distribution and contributes to Write on Film.

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