Amy Poehler to Ditch SNL for 'Office' Non-Spinoff

amy poehler in office spinoff?

The prospects for the very hush-hush spinoff of the NBC’s The Office are improving exponentially. What started off looking like a watered down, third-generation sequel of the workplace comedy franchise took a hopeful step towards legitimacy with the initial hiring of Human Giant’s Aziz Ansari – and if today’s speculation, involving 7-year SNLer Amy Poehler comes to pass, it has all the makings of a potential hit. Variety is reporting that Poehler is very close to signing on with the new show from Greg Daniels and Michael Shur of the stateside Office. On top of that, after weeks of narrowing down the premise of the show between the options of true spinoff or entirely new concept, it seems now that Daniels and Shur will start from scratch.

Of course the impending jump for Poehler would spell more shakeups on Lorne Michaels’ Saturday Night Live set. 2 years ago he was forced to cut Horatio Sanz, Chris Parnell, and Finesse Mitchell for budgetary reasons, while Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch (temporarily) took route to 30 Rock. Since then, Seth Myers was made head writer and joined Poehler at the Weekend Update desk, while Maya Rudolph drifted away after making just a few appearances before and after giving birth. If Poehler leaves, Kristen Wiig and wet-behind-the-ears recruit Casey Wilson will be the lone remaining comediennes on staff.

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