Mad Men Creator Speaks on Season Two

mad men don draper

“I think people are saying ‘Fuck you!’ to each other all the time in this show, and though you can “hear it,” I don’t think you need to hear it. Does it need more nudity or more explicitness? I don’t know. You get a different kind of actor when you talk about people being naked all the time. These actors will do what the characters do, so you don’t have to worry about that. I really haven’t felt any restriction to it. I feel like the show is plenty dirty and plenty crude. I don’t feel limited by that. And at the same time, I think there’s a kind of elegance to it, to work within that framework where what you don’t see is often more enticing. It’s the oldest clich´┐Ż in the world, and people use it as an excuse, but I really do feel that way. I feel like with the sex scenes and so forth, the implication of what’s going on is far dirtier than what you could show.”

Both HBO and Showtime passed. Former Sopranos writer and Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, on writing the series for AMC, in an interview with A.V. Club.

Despite the first episodes episodes suffering from overabundant servings of retro-irony – turns out that they would only set the stage for the boundless depth that Wiener would construct for dapper ad man and womanizer’s womanizer, Don Draper (Best Leading Actor nominee Jon Hamm), who has about 100 ways to convey the words “Fuck you” without taking the cigarette out of his mouth. With a cable network leading 16 Emmy nominations and frenzied critical endorsements, you couldn’t ignore Mad Men if you wanted to. The season two premiere airs tonight.

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