'Trtwon,' Right?

While many versions of the ultra-sketchy, leaked cell phone capture of the Tron 2 (or Tr2n, tentatively) teaser shown to the Comic-Con audience this week have been taken down, Filmstalker has a blown-up & “cleaned up” version (improves dramatically at the 37 second mark). The original, for the moment, can still be seen over at Gizmodo. The clip highlights both the preserved elements and updated style of the sequel:  Light Cycles aren’t restricted to 90 degree turns and crashes are not necessarily deadly, yet Jeff Bridges still has a larger than life cranium. No doubt the 2010 release will be a feast for the eyes, and there’s still time to change that title, Disney.

Updated Tr2n teaser leak – still makes the Zapruder Film look polished by comparison, but it’s all you get for now.

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