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Aaron Sorkin changed his status to: “I don’t know what Facebook is but I’m going to make a movie about it.” Sorkin has been guilty of bad execution of a great idea in the past, but he’s about to board the Titanic (the boat not the film). Whoever is talking in his ear (which would be producer Scott Rudin) on this one is doing the guy a great disservice. (Thompson on Hollywood)

Todd Solondz is cooking up a “quasi-sequel” to 1998’s Happiness. (Variety)

George Clooney in talks to join director Jason Reitman (Juno) for an adaptation of the Walter Kim novel, Up in the Air. (Cinematical)

Michael Phelps to host SNL season premiere on September 13, with musical guest Lil Wayne. (Variety)

Tropic Thunder behind-the-scenes mockumentary Rain of Madness, a take on the behind-the-scenes of Apocalypse Now doc Hearts of Darkness, is now available for free on iTunes (Reelz)

Top 10 Commercials by Movie Directors (via Kottke)

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