Trailer: Synecdoche, New York

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After handing off screenplays to likeminded outsiders Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation) and Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine), Oscar winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman minded this dizzying exposition of an auteur’s blown-out grey matter – ego, impenetrability, mortality, and all that rot – from start to finish.

Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Michelle Williams, Samantha Morton and Tilda Swinton. Scheduled release: October 24, 2008.

Synecdoche, New York trailer (via slowlysososlowly)


– The staff of Wired Magazine slowly plots out the plan of attack for interviewing a reclusive writer (now director) that doesn’t want to be interviewed, doesn’t want to be photographed, and doesn’t want to promote his movie (best read from the bottom up)
– The anatomy of Wired’s Charlie Kaufman interview
– Audio: The complete 2.5 hour interview (via This Savage Art)

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  1. Jason Says:

    Charlie Kaufman’s achievement with Being John Malkovich was one of the great screenwriting feats of all time. Writing an absolutely insane modern absurdist parable — and getting it financed and MADE because it was simply so good — was a one in a million shot in this day and age.

    It’s both inspiring and painful to hear Kaufman talk about his own process because you can sense that while he’s profoundly committed to the truth of his art, he’s also never satisfied and never really happy. And the fact that he works within the Hollywood system instead of producing plays somewhere in upstate NY is sort of a recipe for ultimate disaster.

    But somehow he continues to jump motorcycles over canyons without landing in a ball of fire.

    My hunch is that he’s being a little hard on himself if he thinks this movie has to be financially successful for him to get another shot. I think he could be like Woody Allen, finding European financing into time immemorial, if he can keep his movies on budget and on time.

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