Trailer: Filth and Wisdom - Madonna's Directorial Debut

filth and wisdom

Always with a penchant for extracting the kink from the mundane, and vice versa, Madonna directed this tale of three London flatmates making “mischievous and naughty” sacrifices while chasing their big breaks. Starring Eugene Hutz, Holly Weston, and Vicky McClure. Featuring the music of Hutz’s band, Gogol Bordello. Scheduled release: October 17, 2008.

Trailer: Filth and Wisdom

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  1. Trailer: ‘Filth and Wisdom,’ Madonna’s Directorial Debut, If You Care « Fataculture Says:

    […] Posted in Film, Trailers tagged Filth and Wisdom, Madonna, Trailers at 1:15 pm by Nick Plowman Madonna’s directorial debut starring Eugene Hutz, Holly Weston, and Vicky McClure and featuring the music of Hutz’s band, because she is so bored in her occurrenceless life, tells the story about three roommates, all outward culminations of different aspects of Madonna I suppose, who act like filthy sluts while looking to achieve all their dreams; one has a band but is also a role-playing cross dresser, one is a stripper come ballerina and the other wants to help Africa’s underprivileged youth. I mean, have you ever? If you give a damn about playing into the hands of an egotistical, multitasking superstar, “Filth and Wisdom” opens in cinemas on the 17th of October. [Big Screen Little Screen] […]

  2. Sam Says:

    Oh please, please, please. No more Gogol Bordello, film world. We got it. They’re great and unique and edgy.

    Well, when Madonna gets on the train, you can be sure I got off at least one stop before.

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