Best Week Ever: And Then There Was One


This is what it means to use a hatchet when you need a scalpel: VH1 is drastically changing the format of its half hour weekly video clip show Best Week Ever by dropping its twenty-odd comedian commentators down to just Paul F. Thompkins as solo host. The move was intended, in part, to help compete with E! Television’s like-minded The Soup, which pulls in about 890,000 viewers per week to Best Week Ever’s 520,000.

The new show, titled Best Week Ever With Paul F. Tompkins, will retain some of the former in-house panelists for certain segments, but will feature more written content as Thompkins steers the show from a new set, complete with a “podium-desk.” This strips away what was arguably the best element of the show, where the revolving comedians would take off-the-cuff shots at the topic du jour from their respective angles, the way you would imagine a writers room to work. In hindsight, they could have cut the faux Extra-like celebrity gossip segment The Sizzler, which consistently sunk BWE mid-episode like a ton of bricks, and increased the funny by a good 50 percent. (New York Times)

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