Curb Your Enthusiasm Back for 2009, if Larry David Survives the Election


Larry David’s off again, on again love affair with his own HBO series is back in go mode, as the network has announced that Curb Your Enthusiasm will return to production starting this December. Slated for 10 episodes in 2009, the air date for the seventh season is as of yet, undetermined. (Variety)

Related: “The debates were particularly challenging for me to monitor. First I tried running in and out of the room so I would only hear my guy. This worked until I knocked over a tray of hors d’oeuvres. ‘Sit down or get out!’ my host demanded. ‘Okay,’ I said, and took a seat, but I was more fidgety than a ten-year-old at temple. I just couldn’t watch without saying anything, and my running commentary, which mostly consisted of ‘Shut up, you prick!’ or ‘You’re a fucking liar!!!’ or ‘Go to hell, you cocksucker!’ was way too distracting for the attendees, and finally I was asked to leave.” – Waiting for Nov. 4th, by Larry David

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  1. Donna Belkakis Says:

    Is Larry David making any live appearances in the New England area this summer/fall?

    Please advise.
    Thank you.

  2. Ted Zee Says:

    No idea. Sorry.

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