Television Briefing: Don and Liz, Bravo's 'Runway' Subs, Obama Bests Phillies

liz and don

— You’d wonder whether the internet might swallow itself upon hearing that John Hamm – the one Anne Thompson says could be The Next George Clooney – might spend his break away from Mad Men over on the set of 30 Rock, as Liz Lemon’s neighbor and potential love interest no less. (EW’s Michael Ausiello)

— While they’re fighting what’s likely a losing battle with The Weinsteins that will probably end with Project Runway finally moving over to Lifetime, Bravo has another title in the works – Fashion Show, which sounds suspiciously similar to Runway, though in this case the winner will be selected by viewers American Idol style. Another in development: Celebrity Sew-Off, in which celebs are paired with fashion experts and compete to launch their own clothing labels. (Hollywood Reporter)

Barack Obama’s Wednesday night presidentfomercial was watched by 33.6 million viewers across 7 networks, boosting ratings by 11 percent across the board, and beating the viewership for the final game of the World Series by 70 percent. The candidate did wonders for John Stewart’s numbers as well. (HR)

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