Could've Been Obama

It’s not easy following up Darrell Hammond and Will Ferrell, playing two of the most easily caricatured presidents we’ll ever know – reviews for Fred Armisen’s take on President-elect Barack Obama rate him in the serviceable/middle of the road range at this early stage, and Obama’s relatively gaffe free run up to the presidency hasn’t helped Saturday Night Live in providing comedic bullet points to hone in on. The Daily Beast retracted some speculative talk in a piece last week alleging that Armisen might ousted as SNL’s resident Obama, though they’d already done the legwork in identifying some names (with video) that once reportedly auditioned to fill the Loren Michael’s now long-term need. If you want to daydream in an alternate sketch comedy universe or dabble in fanfic, the comedians reportedly up for consideration were: Jordan Carlos (Colbert Report), Donald Glover (writer – 30 Rock); Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show), and Jordan Peele (Chocolate News, MADtv). (via Slog)

Related, unaired sketch: Andy Samberg as Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. (Thompson on Hollywood)

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